It takes two

Can your household share a little? We believe that pairing two households is a win-win. They get a hand up during this difficult time, and you get to know where and how your money has directly benefited another household.

Make a world of difference at no cost to human dignity


Sign up as a Blue household

Sign up online.

We’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to know.

We match you to a household in need and send each of you a confirmation SMS.

You’ll receive the cellphone number of your Green family plus wording for easy introductions.

 Send your Green family an SMS telling them a bit about you.

Ask them how you can support them and agree on a communication channel.

Make weekly contact with your Green household by sending them a voucher. 

We’ll send you a gentle reminder every week.

You commit to a minimum period of 8 weeks. 

If you’d like to continue the engagement, that’s great!

Sign up online as a Blue household.  Amakhaya Amabini pairs you up with a Green household, a family falling through the cracks and needing support, identified via our community partners. 

Choose how much you’re able to spare every week – between R100 and R400. You commit to sending this amount every week for a period of 8 weeks.

There are many ways to give. Send grocery vouchers, electricity tokens, airtime, data vouchers or e-wallet to your foster family, using just a cellphone number. 

• Shoprite vouchers
Airtime or prepaid data
• Prepaid electricity
• Instant cash or eWallet payments

We set some basic expectations and trust you to take the relationship on, only sending a weekly reminder SMS.

Data privacy is critical, so we’ll keep both party’s data safe and not share it with any third parties.

Get involved! You will be making the world of difference at no cost to social distancing and human dignity.


People looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the #LockdownSA crisis. Those looking to support grassroots efforts rather than formal schemes.

South Africans’ living overseas who know that their Dollars or Pounds will go a long way.

What kind of household will I be connected with?
Our community partners have identified those most in need in their community. We call them “Green households”. 

During this pilot phase, we’ve partnered with OtteryCAN! and Girls Matter from Hanover Park.


There are many amazing groups and people putting up their hands to help via feeding schemes, food parcels and other initiatives.  

A downside is that this often comes at the cost of social distancing and dignity, and with little positive impact on a household’s financial well-being. 

By pairing households, we can avoid many of these limitations.

It promotes dignity: households can shop for what they need. 

It promotes physical-distancing and avoids crowded central food points.

It alleviates pressure on NPO’s and feeding schemes whilst supporting the retail economy.

It’s not bound by geography. Money transfers and e-vouchers are easy to do from anywhere. Households around the world could connect in this way. 

It doesn’t rely on complicated delivery channels to get food to those in need..

It fosters relationships across households, building supportive relationships and connections across economic barriers.